The Evolution of Soccer Betting – When Organised Sport Met Gambling

It would be sensible to consider that, because of the popularity of gambling on sporting events in the modern World, the economic and social giant of Sports betting has been around forever.

Since the dawn of society in human behaviour, the idea of competition has unavoidably linked with our species. From the chestnut of competition in human beings, the mighty Oak of sport has developed. With Sport offering the world many things; from a distraction from the seriousness of normal life, to the chance to interact with a diverse array of peoples in common arena.

Soccer Betting

For many though, the pleasures of sport extend to another area of human behaviour that has also long been considered an integral part of our lives, that of gambling. Of course, gambling has been around for thousands upon thousands of years, many would argue for as long as we have existed as the species we now know. Since people have had currencies with which to exchange goods, these currencies have been used for the entertainment, thrill and profit of those in possession of them.

It was therefore only a matter of time before the two past times combined. Betting on sports such as bare knuckle boxing was common several centuries ago and helped the two phenomena of organised sport and betting grow to into the symbiotic relationship that has allowed the two industries to develop into two of the biggest in the World and still today the sport of boxing is always thought of with betting in mind.

It was really the sport of horse racing that began to move sports betting into the mainstream, away from Casino’s and into sporting bookmakers. Firstly, gambling on “the Sport of Kings” was the arena of the upper classes both in the United Kingdom and in the USA it was the move of horse racing in the 19th and 20th Centuries into the mainstream of society that allowed sports betting to evolve into the billion dollar industry that we know today.

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