The Best Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

You have been feeling worn out from all the pressures of life, and you’re stuck in a deep rut that you can’t seem to dig yourself out of. Your bills have been piling up, and the mountains of unattended paperwork have been haunting you. It would be best if you took a pause, and since the holidays are coming up, you’re thinking of going to watch a live football game at the Soccer City Stadium in South Africa.

However, with the mess your road trip vehicle is currently in, you think that travelling might be a terrible idea. Well, don’t worry any pet hair mess is clearable and even though your Dog, Simba, has been dragging his hair and dirt on your vehicle upholstery, with the best handheld vacuum for pet hair, you can clean out the mess in minutes.

So, stop worrying and start planning. And to make things even easier for you, here’s a list of road trip essentials you need on your trip to the rainbow nation!

The Perfect Ingredients to Having a Memorable Road Trip

Apart from a handy handheld vacuum cleaner, there are other ingredients to make your road trip ideal. Here are some but a few:

You Need to Set Realistic Targets

While the essence of a road trip is getting behind the wheel and hitting the great open road, you need to set realistic goals. One of these objectives is to make sure that you avoid driving ‘excessively’ since it leads to fatigue and ultimately, a tragic accident.

Ensure that you instead schedule an amount of drive time every day that you can handle. You can even make some stopovers on the way for some short but much-needed naps. A road trip should be all about taking your time and enjoying the scenery. In any case, there’s no hurry in Africa!

Tune Up Your Wheels Before You Tune Out

Before you hit the road or even start making plans, ensure that your automobile can pound the pavement. It would be best if you have your mechanic look at your SUV to make sure that everything is in excellent condition and ready for the road. It would also be best if you counter-checked your documents: insurance and driver’s license to make sure they’re valid and prepared for the trip.

Pack Smart

Since you’re going to be far from your haven of comfort, you need to pack all the things you’ll need.

First and foremost, you’ll require safety and maintenance tools. You can get a flat tire on the way and thus having ‘jack’ around could prove to be useful. You might also need warm clothes if the weather is too cold. However, make sure not to cram your vehicle with your entire closet since it’ll make you feel uncomfortable.

Carry Your Paper Maps

Yes, paper maps. You might think they are so the last decade, but when you lose connectivity at an unfamiliar road, you’ll be looking for a knight on a white charger – a real map. Yes, you’ll look like a relic hunter, but it’ll help you look like you know what you’re doing and wade away the con artists.

Load Your Phone with Road-Trip Friendly Material

Since you’re driving to South Africa, you need to ensure that you stay entertained o the way.  With advanced technology providing you with iPods, streaming services and the like, your music collection won’t dry up until you’re thinking of extending your trip and join Elon Musk on his journey to Mars.

However, make sure you also have some ‘back in the day’ CDs to get you or your friends on the groove – nothing beats a good old Bon Jovi tune!

Well, there you go. Don’t reschedule or cancel that much-needed trip because of dog hair – get yourself that vacuum cleaner today and roar that engine – you deserve a break!

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