Soccer Betting Systems

Like every form of organised gambling, sports betting has been a breeding ground for weird and wonderful betting systems. These different sports betting systems have had varying degrees of success for different people over the years. It is impossible to say which of the systems are lucrative and which are not, as they have had such varied degrees of success for so many people. However, below are some of the most frequently used:

Soccer Betting Systems

Betting bank systems: This style of sports betting revolves around the idea of a punter setting up ‘betting banks’. This is simply a separate account of money that allows a punter to keep track of their overall costs and expenditures when gambling. It also allows punters to make assessments of the total percentage of their funds that they will allocate to certain bets.

Unit stakes: Unit stakes is a very popular betting system. In its simplest form, punters will set up pre-arranged amounts of cash that will be used for certain types of bets. This combats the commonly occurring problem of over-betting in betting systems, where a punter places too large a bet on a losing proposition. This results in being cash-short on other, potentially more lucrative, betting propositions.

The Martingale System: This betting system is traditionally associated with the casino classic roulette, however, it is becoming used more and more within the domain of organised sports betting. The Martingale System simply calls for a doubling of the original stake every time a bet is lost; for example, if a wager of £10 is lost on a specific bet, the next bet that is made by the punter should be of £20, regardless of the event being wagered on.

Other betting systems: Another notable sports betting system is the common strategy of betting the same percentage of your bank account. For example, a punter may decide to bet 2% of their bank account on every bet. For further sports betting information go to Coral Sports website, where you can find the latest news and football results. Coral is popular with sports and football betting fans and is a reliable betting provider.

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