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As the 2012/2013 Premier League player of the season, Fulham’s Clint Dempsey could end the year with Everton’s Darren Gibson likely to drive him close as the most outstanding player of the year. If this sounds like fantasy, then you’re right, it’s Fantasy Football, so follow this guide if you’re stuck with which players to choose.

Look for players who appear to be present in the line-up of their squad. We all know that Adam Jonson, Mario Balotelli and Andy Carroll are all fine players, but if they make just a couple of appearances for their clubs, you risk wasting too much on unpredictable players.

Fantasy Football

Stars and a lot of fantasy points for losing.

You have the right to install three marauding fullbacks in defense-Glenn Johnson regularly makes a game an opportunity-but goal-scoring center halves tend to be where the points are. John Terry and Thomas Vermaelen are obvious candidates who appear to score 5 or more goals a season. Steven Taylor, who is responsible for an injury free season, scores goals and could be part of a lean defence, may be a less obvious option.

A treasure chest of fantasy football points is the midfield, so make sure to line your midfield with goal scorers. The false number 9 has become part and parcel of the modern game, as Spain proved with their 4-6-0 at the Euros; midfielders scoring as regularly as center forwards used to.

Clint Dempsey is a calm accomplisher: his trade is a prolific goal-scorer who never seems impressive, but calmly and effectively. Darren Gibson was always a good player at Man United and is now the first name on the Everton team sheet: he looks ready to become Everton’s lynchpin with a passing range that’s the envy of many a better player and a long range shot that’ll bag him more than a few goals.

David Silva, and even more shockingly, Rigobert Song, are two of the best in terms of assists, and Song should be relatively inexpensive. Ashley Young is often listed as a midfielder, but is widely seen as the best attacking choice for Man United. He will score and assist.

As a goal scorer and goal maker, Robin Van Persie is both prolific, as is Adebayor at Tottenham. Acquire Newcastle’s Cisse for a decent outside bet on the top scorer. Last season, he showed his credentials and could prove to the more recognized striking superstars a cheap alternative.

Create the best 2012 fantasy football team around deals such as Gibson and Dempsey, then spend big on Van Persie’s and Silva’s, who will eventually score the biggest points.

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