Considering the magnitude of this fast-track project, it is not surprising that a variety of innovative means are being used to construct some of the elements involved.

Some of the technologies implemented include:

Custom-made form- and support work for the 120 sloping façade support columns. Due to the congestion of reinforcing steel and the height of this column, an innovative form of self-compacting concrete (SCC) was introduced. This ensured a defect-free off-shutter finish to the sloping columns and has contributed to reducing the number of pours from three to only two pours per column. Normal site materials are used to produce this exceptionally fluid SCC (self-compacting concrete) whilst maintaining plastic state stability.

Raking beams have been constructed using conventional formwork and support-work methods.

Alu-Dalle and Tim-Deck systems are being used to construct the flat slabs. Construction teams are working on 12 faces simultaneously with an initial turn around time per face of 500m2 bi-weekly. Due to a demand to shorten the program by 4 months, this rate has been increased to a 1000m2 per 3-week period on each face.

Tifa multiform climbing system is being used for the construction of the 12 shafts that are being constructed as primary supports to the roof structure.

Careful consideration was given to designing the complex concrete columns which will support the stadium’s roof.

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